Family Reviews

  • "Stacey is a great instructor.  It was great to experience infant massage in a calm, welcoming environment." ~GP (Infant Massage)
  • "As a 3rd time parent I thought I knew a TON of ways to bond with my baby.  Your class opened my eyes to new possibilities.  I have noticed that he slept better and was more engaged during the massage routine.  We loved the bonding experience it was wonderful to learn new ideas to use with my little one." ~VH (Infant Massage)
  • "Good information and very helpful." ~TLC parent (Family & Friends CPR)​
  • "The class was awesome, made my child relaxed and slept very well after class." ~TS (Infant Massage)
  • "Very thorough and attentive to detail" ~AG (BLS CPR)
  • "Stacey is so patient, confident, and excellent at teaching the massage techniques, answering questions and her overall demeanor.  Extremely impressed! The music, handouts, and environment she creates during our sessions even relaxed us as parents.  The blankets, toys, poems, all of it was top notch." ~KLF (Infant Massage)
  • "Our daughter has been relaxed and has slept well as a result of the class.  Stacey has a calming voice and was patient with a squirmy child." ~MM (Infant Massage)
  • "Stacey was beyond amazing! She has such a calming presence when working with babies.  Stacey is knowledgeable, patient, and above all extremely caring.  Helping parents and their babies is clearly her passion in life.  We are so lucky to have her help guide us in our massage practice.." ~CG. (Infant Massage)